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6 Important Factors That Don’t Affect Your Website’s Google Ranking

Everything you do in regards to SEO may get your website a better ranking. But there are many other factors that don’t affect your website’s google ranking. Here are 6 important factors that don’t affect your website’s Google ranking:

1.) Meta keywords: Should we use them or not?

Meta keywords started getting used in the year 1995 when people were searching the web using Infoseek etc. To explain what the page was about(apart from using meta description), each page had it’s own meta keywords which looked like:

Meta keywords

In September 2009, Google announced the demise of meta keywords. Even Yahoo and Bing announced the same in the year 2014:

bing on meta keywords

The reality is, that if you’re trying to rank for any term that’s even only a little competitive, meta keywords won’t help.

2.) Page shares, likes, and tweets:

tweet count

There are no direct impacts on your website’s Google ranking with the number of shares, likes etc you might get on Facebook or Twitter. With good advertising done by some brands, good click-through rates, high searches on search engines might indirectly affect their search rankings.

3.) Website bounce rate:

website bounce rate

What actually is a bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular site who navigate or “bounce” away after only viewing that individual web page.

Andrey Lipattsev, Google’s search quality senior strategist said that if a certain topic is gaining a substantial amount of searches and an increase in social media mentions, Google would pay more attention to that rather than a site getting more clicks.

Your website might have a higher page load time with bad design and bad content which might cause the user to visit other websites that might affect your Google rankings.

You must check why your pages are receiving a high bounce rate and correct it but do not dwell in it for higher Google ranking.

4.) Your website’s code:

website code structure

Google rankings do not differ if you are using .NET or raw HTML for your website. Your website must have good content, UI, excellent backlinks with good traffic.


5.) Your Website’s Age:

Google does look at the website’s age but only if you are up on the 1st page which probably means you’re publishing quality content. Your website cannot be ranked on the 1st page of Google SERP just because of(directly)the age alone.

website age

There are many factors taken into consideration, one of them being ‘quality content’.

If your website has generated high-quality content in a less amount of time frame, Google will prefer rewarding your website even more as your website generated the same amount of domain authority like the ones that already exist on the 1st page of Google SERP.


6.) Google Apps:

google apps

No, Google does not look into your Google Analytics and Adsense data or even Gmail and Google Docs.

Google will never look into your Gmail Apps as they contain your personal emails, data. So, using Google Apps do not help you rank better on Google’s SERP and not using them will not harm your rankings as well.



These 6 important factors that don’t affect your website’s Google ranking are only a few out of many so if you have seen other factors that do not directly affect your Google website ranking then comment down below for others to see. We’d love to see them there and chat through.

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Shekhar Malhotra

Shekhar Malhotra is the founder of King Crescent. He has helped companies grow online and has a proven track record for growing businesses in disruptive markets. Having built a strong niche in the fields of e-commerce, B2B, and B2C businesses.


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