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Nauti Nati

Even though Naut Nati had many offline stores, they did not have a website and a very low online presence.
Nauti Nati wanted to grow their online presence but at the same time makes sales on other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra and on their own website as well.

First, we created a website that converted and got an average conversion rate of 3.2%.
Later we worked on many engagement campaigns to create a good brand awareness and retargeted users with display ads followed by email capturing and marketing.
The social media ads helped enhance the sales and ranking of Nauti Nati’s products on major commerce sites.
Once we got a good online sentiment for the brand, online was then kept in sync to offline ads in the targeted regions with offline stores to drive high footfall.
As the brand recall and sentiment thrived online, we worked on the IOS and Android applications for Naut Nati.

  • 10x more sales on their major e-commerce channels
  • Ranked for more than 1100 major keywords online
  • High footfall in Nauti Nati’s offline stores
  • Nauti Nati got many franchises after building a good brand trust online

Nauti Nati

NautiNati approached us to provide them with premium integrated marketing services. We provided NautiNati with a premium e-commerce website, search engine optimization and social media marketing to help them reach their audience and get a good brand name in the kids clothing industry.

Project Start Date: 26th March 2015
Project End Date: 10th February 2017


Nauti Nati started afresh online with no brand presence. We had a challenge to build an e-commerce kids wear brand online from scratch get them a good ROI. We provided them with a tailor-made integrated marketing solution for the best ROI.

  • Date

    March 26, 2015

  • Skills

    Social Media Marketing, SEO, Website Development, Creative Development, Offline Marketing, Content

  • Client

    Nauti Nati

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