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Study in India MBA 2018 Case Study

  • Conceptualise a lead generation campaign for Study in India MBA to be implemented over multiple channels
  • Create tailored content for audiences in different regions of the world
  • Increase brand awareness. We measured this by looking at the number of website visitors and the time spent on an average by a user on the website.
  • Achieve around 80% increase in the number of leads with the same marketing spend as that of the previous year

  • We looked into the previous year's data and found that most of the leads were not interested even when approached by the top business schools of India. This was because of the lack of awareness about the top India business schools.
  • Generate highly relevant leads, interested in studying MBA from India.

    The goal of the Study in India MBA campaign was to educate students all over the world about the opportunities available in India for pursuing graduate management degrees such as MBA, Executive MBA and PhD in Management. Using online marketing channels, the campaign aimed at bringing interested leads on to the Study in India MBA website, present them with the pertinent information and make them sign-up for being contacted by partner business schools.
    We divided the strategy into two phases.
    In the first week, we focussed on understanding how the targeted users engaged with our ads and their behavioral flow on the website. This phase lasted for a week and by this, we were able to make changes to our creatives and targeted audience interests.
    We worked on a campaign called, “India Calling” to educate the targeted users on why they must study in India. The campaign consisted of a series of posts across all social media platforms showcasing the advantages of studying in India.
    We made use of social media channels like Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Exponential, Taboola, and Yahoo.
    In the second phase of marketing, we created multiple highly relevant audiences with help of a programmatic tool called LOTAME(DMP)(DMP). These audiences were then fed to a DSP tool called TAPAD which helped us in cross-channel target all the relevant users on the right platform at the right time.

    The campaign also included a contest wherein 3 winners would get an all-expense paid trip to a partner business school of their choice. After a careful analysis of the website, we realized that it was not optimized and had limited organic presence, not ranking for any keyword apart from its own brand name.
    Our first step was to increase the website authority for which we got an article published on a very reputed education website, and did regular extensive off-page optimization. Next step was devising and implementing the online lead generation campaign with the help of programmatic media buying.
    We carried out a thorough market research on the target geographies and audience to identify - major cities our audience resides in, the audience’s age group, their interests, what keywords they search for, what social media and online channels they are most active on, and during what time of the day they use each channel.


    • We achieved a 98% increase in the total number of leads generated as compared to 2017 without any increase in the marketing spend.
    • The campaign attracted visitors from 113 countries and generated leads from 62 countries.
    • The website 2x more users, 2x more page views and 3x sessions as compared to 2017.
    • The website is ranking on the first page of SERP for 22 major keywords as opposed to ranking for only 1 in 2017.
Integrated Marketing Lead Generation programmatic media buying Social Media Marketing

Study in India MBA 2018 Case Study

Study in India was a campaign launched by the Graduate Management Admission Council in collaboration with 12 prominent Indian business schools, which included names such as Indian Business School (ISB), NMIMS and SP Jain. Each year, the program aims at attracting students from all over the globe to come and pursue their graduate management education from India.


Conceptualise a lead generation campaign to be implemented over multiple channels Create tailored content for audiences in different regions of the world Generate high-quality and relevant leads for partner business schools Achieve around 80% increase in the number of leads with same marketing spend as that of previous year

  • Date

    August 20, 2018

  • Skills

    Integrated Online Marketing

  • Client


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